For many people, skin tags are a cause for self-consciousness or discomfort. Though these ”tags” are harmless health wise, they can be harmful to self-esteem. Until now, the only way to get rid of skin tags was to try endless home remedies, or go to the doctors office to have them removed – a step that might have seemed scary, as people feared that these procedures may be painful. Now there is a revolutionary, all natural product called Tag Away, and getting rid of pesky, uncomfortable, and unsightly skin tags can be an easy, painless process.

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What are skin tags?

tag away resultsSkin tags are harmless growths on the skin that look like small pieces of hanging skin. They can be caused by weight gain or genetics, and have many unknown causes. The appearance of skin tags is variable, but most are smooth, flesh colored bits of flesh that form and hang from the skin by what looks like a small stalk.

Some skin tags are tiny and fall off on their own so quickly that the person doesn’t even know they had a skin tag in the first place. Others become larger and persistent, requiring intervention to remove them; and there is no better product to use than Tag Away – the all natural, homeopathic remedy to skin tags that works on all skin types, pain free.

How Tag Away Works

Tag Away skin tag remover is a homeopathic, all natural solution that can easily eliminate any non-threatening skin growth on the body. When it is applied to the area where the skin tag is located on the body, it works to get rid of it- and it gets rid of it for good. Made from all natural plant derivatives and the active ingredient Thuja occidentalis, Tag Away works painlessly to eliminate insecurity causing flaws on the skin. After following a few small steps, you will start to see the results of Tag Away- and you’ll no longer have to scour the internet for often painful home remedies for removing skin tags and other harmless imperfections.

  • Apply a few drops of Tag Away to the areas where skin tags are present
  • Repeat this process daily
  • See your skin tags dry up and fall off in the short time span of 3-6 weeks

Though some of the other at home methods for skin tag removal may work immediately, these methods can be unhealthy and painful, causing damage that looks worse than the skin tag itself. Tag Away may not remove the skin tags the first time you use it, but within 3-6 weeks the skin tags will have withered and fallen away, with little effort on your part, and absolutely no pain or damage to the skin.

Having skin tags removed at the doctors can be painful, and scarring can occur. There is no chance of scarring with Tag Away, as it contains no chemicals and is safe for all skin types. Put the home remedies down and try a product that will really work! One bottle of Tag Away will work for a sixty-day application regimen.

Healthy and smooth skin is just days away with the use of Tag Away. Thuja occidentalist is well known for its abilities to clear up skin tags without irritating the skin- even on the most sensitive areas, no matter the skin type. It has been approved the by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the US to clear up skin tags safely and naturally.

Cost and Shipping

tag awayTag Away is guaranteed to work at removing all harmless skin tags on the body, so you’d think that it would be expensive. Fortunately, the makers of Tag Away have made this product affordable for all people suffering from the presence of skin tags.

  • Tag Away Skin Tag Remover costs only $19.99, with a shipping and handling charge of $9.95- a fraction of the cost spent on supplies for inconsistent, sometimes painful home remedies that just don’t get the job done.

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After placing the order, it is confirmed by customer service within 24-48 hours. Due to the popularity of the product, customers should expect their Tag Away order to arrive at their door in 3 to 4 weeks. Shipping is only available to addresses in the Continental United States

There is a 30 day money back guarantee for all customers who are not happy with their results from the product. This guarantee does not include a refund of the shipping and handling charges.

Compared to Other Products and Procedures For Skin Tag Removal

  • All natural product
  • Doesn’t leave scars
  • Is painless to use
  • Chemical Free
  • Works for all types of skin

It is important to remember that Tag Away is for skin tag removal only. Tag Away should not be used to remove any other skin markings. Customers who are seeking treatment for a skin disease of any kind should always contact a doctor- never use Tag Away in an attempt to treat any other ailment of the skin.

Practical Choice for Skin Tag Removal

If you have skin tags on your neck, arms, eyelids, or any other sensitive area where skin tends to rub- give Tag Away a try at removing these pesky, uncomfortable marks. With all of the money wasted on ingredients for home remedies and other skin tag removal products that are loaded in chemicals, the low price of Tag Away seems too good to be true. Fortunately, Tag Away is the only all natural, pain free tag remover that won’t leave scars or irritation, and the price is just as good as the great quality of the product.